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Pet of the Week Jake & Halloween Pet Safety Tips | Animal Lovers

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Pet of the Week Jake & Halloween Pet Safety Tips
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Pet of the Week Jake & Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Jake is a very sweet boy who wore his costume like a champ on this morning's TV segment! We started calling him our little "JAKE-o-lantern" because he looks so cute and happy! Jake is about four-years-old and is a terrier mix with long, soft hair. He likes to sit in your lap, take walks and loves to sit in your lap. Very friendly and happy, this little dog will make a great companion! Seems to be good with other dogs and should fair well with older kids.

Jake wishes you a HAPPY HOWL-A-WEEN too! And wants to remind you of some very special tips to keep your pet safe tonight:

Leave the “Trick-or-Treats” for people…not pets! Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe, happy and healthy during the Halloween festivities.

Candy is a no-no! A lot of people know that chocolate is bad for pets, but it’s important to remember that ALL candy should be kept out of reach from cats and dogs. Save it for the trick-or-treaters and your pet will thank you for it!

Keep pets in a safe, comfortable area if you plan to be opening/closing your door a lot for trick-or-treaters. For pets that are somewhat timid, holidays can be a little stressful. Knowing ahead of time if your dog or cat will bolt or hide when the doorbell rings, will save you a lot of trouble. Find a place or room in your home where they will be the most comfortable and create a ‘safe space’ for them there.

It’s important to have your pets’ ID tags intact and up-to-date…just in case! Every year pets manage to sneak out of their homes once a door is opened. It’s your job to keep them safe and ensure that in a worst case scenario…they’ll make it home!

If you decide to dress up your pet, remember that while they make look cute, they may feel miserable. Check the costume and make sure that is 100% safe! This includes making sure they have ample room to breathe, move around and there aren’t any choking hazards.

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