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FALL in love with a Bunny this season!

FALL in love with a Bunny this season!

Meet the newest addition to the Sacramento SPCA family!

We like to call these little guys (and gals) the "Squash Bunch"- as they are all named after a different type of squash.

This litter of eight, just turned eight-weeks-old and they are each ready to find their new families.

These little ones are very sweet and are used to being held; they are also on the path to being litter-box trained! Rabbits require a little bit of daily cleanup and thrive best with daily, human interaction. They make excellent companions!

Please visit us online at www.sspca.org.

Current adoption fees for rabbits: $45*

**Join us on Friday, November 11th for our 11.11.11 celebration, where we hope you'll find the ONE you've been looking for! We're extending our hours from 11:11AM- 11:11PM and all animals will be available for adoption at just $11.11!!

Pet of the Week- Meet Brody!

Pet of the Week- Meet Brody!

Brody is an eight-year-old Pointer mix who loves to be outside, go for walks, play with toys, or all of the above! He is described as being “one of the best behaved dogs” at the shelter, so we know he will make a lucky family really happy! Also, any potential adopter should take note: He is OK with cats but will prefer to be the only dog in your home. 

Brody paid a visit to the FOX40 studio on Tuesday morning and had a great time riding in the car and meeting everyone at the station!

Brody’s age qualifies him for our Senior Companionship Program: Any adopter over the age of sixty can have the adoption fees waived. Find out more online at www.sspca.org!

Pet of the Week- Mr. Smokey!

Pet of the Week- Mr. Smokey!

Mr. Smokey will steal your heart!

He is a sweet, friendly, eight-year-old Jack Russel Terrier mix who is typical of his breed, in that he is both confident and independent. He really enjoys being outside and is happy to show off tricks like 'sit' and 'stay.' Some positive reinforcement training will help him to learn to focus his energy and learn even more commands.

Mr. Smokey would do best in a somewhat active home with experienced adult owner. He should do fine in a home with teenagers but does need to be an only pet. He is eligible for our Senior for Senior Program in which adoption fees are waived for adopters 60 years old and older adopting animals 5 year and older.

Looking for a mate to explore the world? Come out and meet Mr. Smokey!


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Sacramento teen and his dog attacked by 2 strays

SACRAMENTO - A 17-year-old boy and his small dog were attacked by two stray dogs while walking through their south Sacramento neighborhood Friday morning.

According to Sacramento police, the teen was walking his dog when a pitbull and a mix breed attacked his pup. In an attempt to save his dog, the boy reached in between the fight and was bitten on the hand and arm.

The small dog, named Your Highness, suffered a puncture wound.

The two attacking dogs were taken by animal control.  The owner of the two dogs arrived shortly thereafter.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and his dog had not been taken to a vet at the time.

Both the pitbull and mix had licenses but it was unclear whether their rabies vaccinations were current. 

Sacramento County cuts pet adoption rates in October

From The County of Sacramento.

Sacramento, Calif., - October is national adopt a shelter animal month and the Sacramento County Animal Shelter is promoting fall pet adoptions with ADOPTOBERFEST! Adopters will receive a fifty-percent reduction in adoption fees which includes spay/neuter services, licensing, microchipping, and vaccinations. The City of Sacramento Animal Services is also joining the County Animal Shelter in this promotion.

"Between the County and the City, we have a broad selection of animals that people can select from," stated Dave Dickinson, Interim Director of the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week- Jada!

Pet of the Week- Jada!

Help us find Jada a home!

This friendly and affectionate American Staffordshire Terrier mix is one of our longest residents here at the Sacramento SPCA (110 days).

She’s six-years-old and is a very sweet, outgoing, and independent dog. Jada is looking for a family that will love walks and playing catch just as much as she does! (Also, a home without cats is a must!).

Jada’s age qualifies her for our Senior Adoption Program. Any adopter over the age of sixty can have the adoptions fees waived!

Check out our website, www.sspca.org for more info.