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Tet Festival Parade
Tet Festival Parade

The Vietnamese community is holding their annual Tet Festival parade on Sat. and Sun. Feb. 4-5. Because of the unexpected weather on Chinese New Year, the festival was postponed.

The parade will start at 9:00a.m. on Sat., Feb. 4 at the Happy Garden Restaurant at 5731 Stockton Blvd. in Sacramento.

There will be floats and a lion and dragon dance performers will leading the parade down Stockton Blvd to 6525 Florin Rd.


Highlight Diversity and Promote Unity

Historically the Lunar New Year Celebration has been an event focused more exclusively in the cultural framework towards the Vietnamese population in the Greater Sacramento.  This time around, however, the Vietnamese-American Community of Sacramento, the Stockton Boulevard Partnership, and the Greater Sacramento Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commerce collaborated to integrate an economic variable to the equation with the Little Saigon Street Festival Parade during the Lunar New Year on February 4th.  The parade intends to highlight diversity and promote unity among many cultures in Sacramento.

The parade will travel south on Stockton Blvd commencing at Fruitridge Road culminating at Florin Road where the presentation unveiling of the "Little Saigon" Signage to be placed as directional signs on Highway 99 will be held and the annual Tet Festival will continue the exciting festivities of the day.

Underneath the façade inherent of a parade with the jubilation of music, the roaring of classic cars, creative floats, and cultural performances, the event has a deeper agenda with a long-term vision. It is about economic development of the local community through the work of branding Little Saigon, creating more visibility for the area and making it more welcoming.  The parade will draw demographics that may have not had the opportunity to be exposed to Little Saigon to come to this unique and vibrant community.  On the other hands, it is also an opportunity for the historically isolated community and its business owners to engage in civic activities and open their doors to the mainstream. 

The parade will put Little Saigon on the map to help promote business and economic growth opportunities and to make positive impacts to the community's health and economic well being, which is coherent with the Chamber's mission.  Economic development does not always have to start with a stimulus bill from Washington, DC; it can start here, where dedicated individuals and organizations at the local level are taking things into their own hands.  To build a stronger community, we can change the place where we live, work, and play.    

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