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DEA: Sacramento shoe store was front for cocaine dealer | Crime

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DEA: Sacramento shoe store was front for cocaine dealer

SACRAMENTO, CA - Details from a criminal complaint reveal how the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration took down one of the Sacramento area's biggest crack cocaine distributors.

Alleged crack distributor Dahoma Lin sold the drug from her shoe store, Lanai's Shoe's at 6244 Mack Road in Sacramento.

A confidential source tipped the DEA to her operation and the agency quickly began a series of undercover buys over a number of months in 2012.

According to the complaint, the source said Lin, "was related to a particular family which was notorious for drug dealing and for being members of The Oak Park Bloods. The Oak Park Bloods are one of Sacramento's oldest, and most violent street gangs."

The informant told agents, "Lin was one of the biggest cocaine base dealers in the Oak Park neighborhood," and added, "she supplied large quantities to several individuals operating multiple crack houses."

After several large buys, agents eventually swept down on Lin's home in Stockton, where she tried to drive away, but was blocked by agents' cars. She was arrested with 9 ounces of crack in her possession and an ounce of heroin in one of her pants pockets.

Former shoppers at Lin's store said they were stunned to learn she'd been dealing drugs under their noses.

"She was talkative. She was amazing. Gave me a discount on my shoes," customer Imari Barnes said.

The investigation eventually led to her supplier, Gilbert Arreazola, who lived at a ranch in Madera. When arrested by agents, he showed them two ounces of cocaine he had hidden in a truck.

In a recent jail house interview, Arreazola said he had done deals with Lin, but complained she exaggerated their size in an attempt to get a better deal with prosecutors.

"Since she turned against me, I believe they're saying I distributed more than five kilos with her, which is untrue," said Arreazola, who spent time behind bars for distributing cocaine after a bust in Washington State in 1993.

He is facing 20 years to life for distribution of cocaine. Both Lin and Arreazola are awaiting trial.


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