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Feds: Ringleader of area immigration marriage fraud scheme pleads guilty

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Citrus Heights man faces up to 10 years in federal prison when he is sentenced after pleading guilty to immigration fraud involving what the U.S. Attorney's Office said was a scheme to allow foreign nationals to come to the U.S. under false marriages.

Federal prosecutors said Sergey Potepalov, 57, was the mastermind of a group of 14 defendants who arranged for foreign nationals from Eastern Europe and Russia to marry U.S. citizens to obtain fiance visas and green cards to be in the U.S. The involved U.S. citizens were paid up to $5,000 to participate in the conspiracy and the foreign nationals paid up to five figures, according to court documents.

The defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit marriage fraud, to defraud the United States, to make false statements, and to induce an alien to enter and remain in the United States.

Sacramento PD unveils new online crime mapping tool

SACRAMENTO, CA - Want to know what and where crimes are being reported in your community?

The Sacramento Police Department says residents can do that now with its new online crime mapping website tool.

The program works on computers and iPhones. The user selects the city and up pops icons depicting the various crimes, the street block and when they were reported.

Crime reports in any city that subscribes to RaidsOnline can be checked.

Police: Woman rear-ends cop car while under the influence

SACRAMENTO -A woman suspected of driving under the influence was detained by Sacramento police officers after she allegedly rear-ended their patrol car Monday night.

Sacramento police reports stated the patrol car was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Mack Road and Center Parkway at 11:56 p.m. when it was struck from behind.

Officers then determined the driver of the vehicle that struck them, 20-year-old Celia Gonzalez, was under the influence, say police.

Gonzalez was arrested at the scene and booked for DUI.

No injuries were reported in the crash and the patrol car only sustained minor damage.

No damage was reported to Gonzalez' car.

Man on stolen dirt bike arrested after struggle with officers

Man on stolen dirt bike arrested after struggle with officers

SACRAMENTO - Sacramento police officers were dispatched to Starstone Way in the south Sacramento area on Sunday in response to several people being loud and riding dirt bikes up and down the street.

According to Sacramento police reports, officers en route to the scene around 6:48 p.m. spotted 32-year-old Lonetoga Maea riding a dirt bike on the sidewalk.

Officers made contact with Maea, who immediately resisted, police said.

Maea was then taken to the ground, but he got up and charged an officer who responded by deploying his stun gun. Maea was temporarily incapacitated but then charged and knocked over the officer, said police.

Supporting police units utilized their batons to control and eventually take Maea into custody.

An ensuing investigation revealed the bike Maea was riding had been stolen, said police.

Maea was arrested for assault on an officer, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of methamphetamine.

Safety advice for when a stranger knocks at your door

There's an unexpected knock from a stranger at the front door. What to do?

1. Be cautious when opening the door. Do not blindly open the door to see who it is or what it is that they want.

2. Ignore the knock on the door . You may want to go about your normal business and NOT pretend that you are not home, but instead continue to do what you were doing, or even make some noise or turn on a light so that the person knows that someone IS home (possibly avoiding a burglary).

3. Look out a window first to see who it is - Avoid looking out a door window, but instead go and look through another window away from the door if possible. If you don't recognize them, you could shout through the door and ask what they want, or you could choose to ignore them.

4. Set the door chain. Be sure that your door chain is set well with LONG screws into the door frame to help resist a "push in." Crack open the door to speak to the person through the gap.

Sacramento police investigate fatal shooting

SACRAMENTO, CA - Police continued to investigate a homicide in south Sacramento Tuesday in which one person was shot dead and another person suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

A call about gunshots and a man down near the roadway of the 3500 block of Reel Circle came into dispatchers at 11:38 a.m., police said. 

According to a police spokesperson at the scene, a man in his 20s walked up to a home and there was an altercation with someone inside. Shots were exchanged and the visitor was found a few houses away, deceased.

The person inside, believed to be the resident, was transported to an area hospital with non-threatening injuries.

There may have been a second person with the visitor, police said. 

No names have been released. Detectives did not have a motive yet for the shooting.

Susan B. Anthony Elementary School on nearby Detroit Boulevard was on lockdown for about an hour as a precaution.

Roommate accused of Sacramento man's murder

SACRAMENTO, CA - The roommate of a man who died after being stabbed Sunday night has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Sixto Rosas, 36, was taken into custody as the scene of the crime on the 7700 block of 32nd Avenue, according to the Sacramento Police Department. Sixto was detained and questioned when responding officers learned he and his 30-year-old roommate had gotten into a physical fight and Sixto alleged grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the younger man.

Police said the victim died of his injuries at an area hospital.

There was no word on what triggered the altercation. The police report said the two men had only been roommates for a few months.

The dead man's name has not been released.

The 911 call came in at approximately 10:55 p.m.