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Great Hang Up: Texting while driving simulator on tour | Events

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Great Hang Up: Texting while driving simulator on tour

Sometimes seeing is believing when it comes to the danger of texting and driving.  A mobile texting and driving simulator from AT&T is making the rounds nationwide to showcase that risk. This week, the simulator is at several Northern California schools.

The simulator runs a four-minute program that allows students and riders to see firsthand in a safe environment what can happen when you text and drive. Most taking part in the exercise crash within three minutes on the program.

Many are surprised how difficult it can be. One student from Natomas Charter School said he wished his mom would try it as she texts and drives.

Studies show texting while driving can increase your chance of crashing by 23 percent and can be more dangerous than driving drunk as your eyes are not even on the road when looking down to check a message.

California law prohibits texting when driving unless using hands-free or voice-only devices. But for drivers 18 years old and under, no texting or talking at all is allowed while driving.

Tuesday, the simulator was at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento and Thursday, it will be in El Dorado. Previously, the simulator was at a Modesto school.

The goal is to show how texting can be deadly and change driving behaviors or instill the right behaviors in new drivers or future drivers. Many students take the pledge to hang up and drive after taking part.

At&T started touring with the chair simulator in January. If you would like the simulator to visit your schoo,l send Melissa an email at MCrowley@news10.net.

If you want to try a version on your home computer, check out the AT&T website It Can Wait.



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