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"Reverse" Bridal Expo Puts To-Be-Weds in Driver's Seat | Events

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"Reverse" Bridal Expo Puts To-Be-Weds in Driver's Seat
"Reverse" Bridal Expo Puts To-Be-Weds in Driver's Seat

Bridal shows can be overwhelming - for the brides and grooms as well as the exhibitors.  Where do you start? Which booths do you visit? How do you get all of the information you need?

Now there is a bridal show that allows brides and grooms to stay in one place while the professionals come to them. The Reverse Bridal Expo is Sunday, November 29, 2015, at The Falls Event Center in Elk Grove.

Bridal Expo Producer Richard Markel came up with the idea when he attended a trade show as a buyer.  The system was set up for him to stay at a table and, through pre-set appoinments, the sellers came by and made their presentations to him.

"It was so nice to be able to relax and not be on my feet all day going from one booth to the next," Markel said. "It dawned on me that maybe the brides (and grooms) at our shows would prefer the same treatment."

The to-be-weds are the buyers and should be comfortable, he said. This show will allow them to visit with just the professionals they need for their weddings.

The show will also include an area, set up in a different room, for tastings, demonstrations and activities, for the hands-on experience that all shows have, Markel said.

Here’s how the show works.  The to-be-weds go online a few days before the show and take their time looking at the profiles of participating professionals.  They click “request” on those they wish to meet with, then prioritize the list by most important.  The professionals will make requests as well.  The built-in program – HostedBuyer.com – will produce the most optimized schedule for everyone.  The couples will receive their schedule when they arrive at the show. 

The day of the show, the brides and grooms will be assigned a table and the professionals will come to them for their 10-minute appointments.  Space is limited, so only 40 couples will be accepted for the morning session and only 40 for the afternoon session. There will be open time slots in schedules so the brides and grooms may take breaks.

Each couple will also receive complimentary gifts valued at more than $200. 

The morning session is 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and the afternoon session is 2:00-5:00 p.m.  The Falls Event Center is located at 8280 Elk Grove Blvd in Elk Grove.  

More information and a place to register is online at http://reversebridalexpo.com.