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It’s Over. Say Goodbye. Get out and MOVE | Health

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It’s Over. Say Goodbye. Get out and MOVE
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It’s Over. Say Goodbye. Get out and MOVE

You heard me. Put it down. You don’t need that last Milky Way. No seriously, you don’t. Will one more kill you? No. But you don’t need it. Step away. Throw it away. Like deep down in the trash so you aren’t tempted to dig it out later in a moment of weakness. Is it in there? Deep down? Good. Now get out of the house and go for a walk. Crisis adverted.

You’re welcome.

I think we can officially welcome Autumn at this point since it doesn’t appear it will hit 90 degrees again in the coming weeks. So welcome beautiful cool, crisp, air. Bright, deep, gorgeous fall colors, and every holiday that center’s around eating. We here at Mama Bootcamp welcome you with open arms. (notice I did not say open mouths?) but open arms yes, because it is the most wonderful time of the year!

While coined ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, this can also be the time of year that you start to lose your mojo, or focus your attention elsewhere. At the end of the day it’s chilly and your couch, fireplace, blankets and comfy sweats are calling your name, or first thing in the morning you just want to sink back under the covers for another hour… and bootcamp doesn’t seem to be top of mind. Treats and temptation is EVERYWHERE and quite frankly, you know you can hide those extra few ‘holiday pounds’ under a warm sweater and bulky jacket.

So you really have to ask yourself, where do you want to be on January 1st? Do you want to be ‘starting over’? Do you want to be ‘losing those holiday pounds you packed on’? Do you want to be ‘motivated because it’s a new year’?  Or, do you want to be slipping into January after a great end of the year? Full of sweat, muscle and good choices? I plan to do the last option. I don’t want to start over in January. I don’t want to give up just because it’s the holidays and it’s cold. I don’t want to lose my mojo and replace it with chocolate, sugar and alcohol.

So here is my plan for getting through the next three glorious months unscathed, and coming out on the other side a little bit lighter, happier and filled with positive juju. You are welcome to join me! In fact, please do!

1.       I will get to at least three bootcamps each week.

2.       I will get my additional cardio in. The crisp, clean, cool air is calling my name for daily walks and runs.

3.       I will fill my fridge with colorful fruits and veggies of the season. It’s apple season! Do you know how much you can do with apples? YUM.

4.       I will not give up on myself or my goals just because the calendar says ‘tis the season for naughty food’.

5.       I will not beat myself up if I give into temptation. I understand that a healthy lifestyle is a one day at a time                   process. One off meal, is not going to kill me. So I will be kind to me, if I get off track. But then I will get right back on.

6.       I will do my best to make the most healthy choices for myself 98% of the time (I like to give 2% to wiggle).

7.       I will bring healthy snacks to work to ward off the breakroom temptation.

8.       I will hide my kid's Halloween candy from MYSELF.

9.       I will volunteer to bring the fruit salad and veggie trays to all holiday gatherings so I know there will be food there I can indulge in.

10.   I will continue to be grateful for my health and my ability to get out of bed each day and MOVE. There is not greater gift and I won’t take mine for granted.

Are you in? We can do this together! Stay motivated! And remember, no one ever went to bootcamp and then regretted it! See you there!

Health, Moms, People