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Gun sales rise in Sacramento after Newtown massacre | News

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Gun sales rise in Sacramento after Newtown massacre

SACRAMENTO, CA - Gun sales have surged at several Sacramento gun stores after the Newtown Conn. School shooting Friday.

At "Buy, Sell, Trade it All Guns Jewelry and Loan Co," sales have gone up by 50 percent since the Connecticut tragedy. In the sea of guns, the hardest gun to keep on the shelves has become the most controversial, the semi-automatic assault weapon.

Store employee George Garcia said customers fear future gun restrictions on assault rifles from Congress.

"Everybody is afraid that once they pass it, you're not going to be able to get it no more, so that's why everybody is buying them," Garcia said. "Then with the shooting that's made it that much worse."

An assault weapon priced at $1,700 now costs $2,500. Dustin Marshall has a keen interest in buying one.

"I'd rather have one and not need it, then to need one and not have it," Marshall explained.

Alana Wyatt plans to buy a glock for personal protection. She agrees with some lawmakers interested in tightening regulations on assault weapons.

"No, that's over and beyond because it belongs in the military and police that is it, that is what they are designed for" Wyatt said. "It's horrible that they are available for people to buy."

While avid gun collectors are deeply moved by the Connecticut tragedy, they also fear their rights to protect their families could be on the line.

"I want to purchase a couple of guns before these changes come into place before something changes and I cannot own that anymore," gun owner Che Canyon said.


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