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Reverse 911 call warns Sacramento residents of scam | News

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Reverse 911 call warns Sacramento residents of scam

SACRAMENTO- Two women have been arrested and police are looking for more connected to a scam aimed at elderly residents.

A reverse 911 call advisory went out recently from Sacramento Police to warn residents about a group of people going around to homes and scamming their way inside in order to steal from the elderly.

The reverse 911 call says " This is the Sacramento Police Department; we are calling to inform you of criminal activity occuring in your neighborhood. A group of men and women, normally two, have been tricking elderly residents to gain entry in their home. Once inside, the suspects distract the resident and steal items from within the house. If someone comes to the door that you do not feel comfortable with, close and lock your doors immediately. If you feel you are in danger, dial 911 immediately."

According to police the victims were targeted between December 29th, 2012 to January 21st 2013 at the following locations: 

4800 block of Perry Avenue

4600 block of Fruitridge Road

3300 block of 63rd Street

6200 block of 2nd Avenue

3900 block of Mack Road

10n block of Maple Drive

Police have five reported incidences in the Sacramento area. The suspects have been seen driving a white van in one incident and a newer grey four door in another.

The police department has made 2 arrests, but says that there are more people that they are looking for.

Arrested was Helen Costello and Shirley Costello. Police say that the woman are connected to more than one of the cases and are facing multiple charges of burglary and conspiracy.

In one case, the woman asked the resident if the young child with them could use the restroom.


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