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Meet Tutors at SCUSD Serna Center Wednesday 6-7:30 p.m. | Schools

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Meet Tutors at SCUSD Serna Center Wednesday 6-7:30 p.m.
Meet Tutors at SCUSD Serna Center Wednesday 6-7:30 p.m.

Sacramento -- Meet tutors participating in SCUSD's "No Child Left Behind" FREE (we like FREE) tutoring program at Wednesday's 2012-2013 Free Tutoring Provider Fair at the Serna Center, 5735 - 47th Ave. 95824, from 6 - 7:30 p.m.

How Free Tutoring Works

Funded by the federal "No Child Left Behind" program, free tutoring is available to assist students from Kindergarten through 12th grade who attend schools where student grades need improvement.  If your child's test scores need a boost -- and your family's income level qualifies -- this free tutoring program may be available where a tutor works one-on-one with your child to improve his or her test scores with English Language Arts, Reading, Math and Science.

How Your Child Qualifies for Free Tutoring  

Your child's school must qualify for participation in this program.  In SCUSD, almost all elementary, middle and schools are eligible for free tutoring for students whose test scores need improving.  Additionally, your family must meet income requirements for participation in the free tutoring program.  If your child receives a reduced-price or free school lunch, then it's likely he or she may qualify for this free tutoring program!  

Complete the Tutoring Enrollment Form by Nov. 6

SCUSD has approximately 60 vendors approved to supply tutors and many will be available at Wednesday's fair.  Enrollment Forms were distributed last Friday at district schools for children to give to parents to complete and return to their child's teacher, school administrator or dropped off at the Serna Center no later than Nov. 6.  Parents must select your first, second and third choices of tutoring vendors on the form.    If you have more than one child attending an eligible school, a separate Enrollment Form must be completed for each child who may need tutoring.   After eligible schools complete student testing in November or December, parents will be notified if their child qualifies for free tutoring scheduled to start in January. 

Choose Wisely -- Changing Tutoring Vendors May Not Be Easy

Once a tutoring vendor is selected for your child from the three choices on the Enrollment Form, discontinuing the program with that vendor may prevent a different vendor from tutoring your child during this school year!  Many vendors approved by SCUSD for free tutoring have Internet web sites to research for more information about subjects taught, available tutors and other restrictions or requirements; such as, is the tutor required to enter your home or is there a school or community-based site where tutoring may be done.   Attending Wednesday's tutoring provider fair is the best way to meet with representatives from almost all approved vendors to ask important questions before selecting your three choices on the Enrollment Form.

Already Completed the Enrollment Form and Now Desire A Different Tutoring Vendor?   

If you complete a tutoring Enrollment Form either through your child's school or with a vendor soliciting door-to-door, the district will accept a new enrollment form -- with your revised top three tutoring vendor choices -- until Nov. 6, as long as the form is given to your child's teacher, school administrator or dropped off at the Serna Center. 



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