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James Dean's "Rebel Without a Cause" car now in Sacramento

From the California Automobile Museum.

During the height of baseball season, the California Automobile Museum of Sacramento and the National Automobile Museum of Reno entered into a friendly wager around a sixteen-game series pitting the local minor league baseball team, the River Cats, against the Reno Aces.

The bet was that the auto museum in the city of the team that lost the series would loan a famous car from its collection to the museum in the winning city.

If the River Cats won, the 1949 Mercury driven by James Dean in the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause would be loaned to the California Automobile Museum. If the Aces won, the National Automobile Museum would be loaned a 1932 Ford raced by legendary driver A.J. Foyt.

Bay Bridge Retrofit Update

Bay Bridge Retrofit Update

In mid-November another milestone is expected to be reached with the suspension portion and full completion expected in 2013.

It is work in several sections that will result in side by side lanes for part of the Bay Bridge into the city and from SF back to Oakland.  There will still be a double deck but it's been reinforced with millions of pounds of steel.

Video simulations from Caltrans are pretty cool.




Help if you get car damage near a construction zone

Help if you get car damage near a construction zone

We had a viewer wonder if there was any help if you got damage to your car near a construction site. His situation was along I-5 from Elk Grove to Florin where several lanes are often closed overnight for shoulder work and repaving. Mark Dinger with the Caltrans District 3 office says there is both a helpline and a website to file a complaint and get some relief. This may be an option for you should you have a similar experience:



Or go online as well:





City begins 2011 road resurfacing work

City begins 2011 road resurfacing work

 City begins 2011 road resurfacing work; some major streets postponed until next spring

The City of Sacramento Department of Transportation is starting road resurfacing work throughout the City to keep the pavement as close as possible to its newly constructed condition. There may be minor traffic delays and inconvenience, however, when completed the streets will be in nearly new condition.

The department aims to resurface every street in the City about once every ten years to maintain the quality of City streets in a cost effective manner with available funds. 

This month, work is starting in South Natomas. See the first week’s schedule. The schedule is subject to change. Check to see if your street is going to be resurfaced and when, via a tentative schedule that is posted weekly here.

California Automobile Museum: A Sacramento landmark.

A brief tour of the California Auto Museum in Sacramento, Calfornia

The California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, California, formerly the Towe Auto Museum is a very diverse collection of vehicles spanning many types and eras of automobile production.  There is something for every auto enthusiast to enjoy.  Displays range from the earliest vehicles produced by Ford to the latest types of alternative energy powered cars, foreign and domestic.  Many cars are on loan to the museum and some are available for sale.  If you love cars, this museum is a must see!

Have a Need for Speed?

Have a Need for Speed?

Do you like to go fast?  Do you like to watch others go fast?  Well, there is a way to do that without causing major damage to yourself and others or running afoul of law enforcement.  Local race tracks across the country offer the car enthusiast  many opportunities to satisfy your need for speed.  Whether it be sports car rally racing, dirt track and asphalt circuit racing or drag racing, there is usually a nearby track hosting an event to suit your favorite type and level of competition. 

Local racing clubs and associations like the West Coast Pro Gas Association provide weekend racers with a safe and sanctioned place to race.  They often offer prizes in the form of parts and sponsorships in addition to cash, trophies and bragging rights.  The entry requirements are usually minimal as they are scaled to meet the hobby racer's budget and expertise to make it possible for many racers to compete safely, no

Sacramento officials to unveil new "complete street" May 28

Sacramento officials to unveil new "complete street" May 28

SACRAMENTO - City Councilman Kevin McCarty welcomes community members to celebrate a new and improved Redding Avenue, on Saturday, May 28. Come see the city's newest "complete street" at 6001 69th Street at 10 a.m.

The project transformed a truck route into a safer connection between Tahoe Park and CSU Sacramento and the 69th Street light rain station. The project created a wider roadway, separated sidewalks, landscaping, on-street bike lanes, street lights and gutter.

McCarty will host the grand opening event along with officials from the Department of Transportation and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency.